Kink fold in quartz sericite schist, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada


My dissertation area in the Bathurst district was loaded with kink folds.  For example, in the mine adit where I carried out a full summer of mapping, the entrance area alone (300 m long) was marked by steeply dipping quartz sericite schists.  I had both cross sectional views of the schist, as well as broad exposures in the plane of schistosity.  The latter exposures were marked by myriad lineations, expressions of the kinked hinges of the kink folds.  I arrived for this mapping equipped with a ‘super compass’ that I had made to rapidly determine the trends and plunges of kink fold hinges and strikes and dips of individual kink fold limbs and axial surfaces.  Very time consuming!  During the first morning of mapping I covered a distance of less than 20 meters, and began to wonder how I would ever complete my work in a summer!

Age & Formation
Quartz sericite schist from the Tetagouche Group of Ordovician age, ~420 Ma.