Pyritized Brachiopod fossil, near Toledo, Ohio


Back in 1967 I collected this fossil in a vast limestone quarry in Sylvania, Ohio, just outside of Toledo.  I was a graduate student at the time at The University of Michigan, which is just up the road.  That same afternoon I collected a beautiful trilobite (Phacops).  I had been ‘working’ a productive layer with a knife blade, and suddenly spotted the trilobite, and its dark brown-black calcium phosphate shell in stark contrast to the light grey host limestone.  When it came out in one piece I gave a shout that could be heard in Ann Arbor.  Years later our front door slammed hard, and knocked a bunch of minerals and fossils off nearby glass shelves; the trilobite was trashed during that event.

Age & Formation
Silurian fossil collected in limestone, ~430 Ma