Sedimentary Rocks and Structures

Differential weathering of limestone and chert, San Rafael Valley, Utah
Oil shale, northern New Mexico
Cobble of limestone with concretion inside, Buren, Ireland
Reduction spot, Red Hills, near Tucson, Arizona
Quartzite pebble with evidence of pressure dissolution, Santa Catalina Mountains, Tucson, Arizona
Eroded remnant of limestone with buff, fractured chert layer, Peloponessos, Greece
Mudstone with folded layers, Tucson Mountains, Arizona
Fold in red siltstone, upper New York state
Tiny fold in siliceous siltstone, Santa Rita Mountains, southern Arizona
Computer card deck subjected to end on loading in deformation apparatus, University of California, Berkeley
Fractured siliceous sedimentary rock, Marathon basin, West Texas
Pervasive closely spaced fracturing in radiolarian chert, Peloponessos, Greece
Eroded remnant of limestone with black chert layer, Peloponessos, Greece
Joint- and bedding-bound cube of radiolarian chert, Peloponessos, Greece
Pie wedge of bedding- and joint-bounded radiolarian chert, Peloponessos, Greece
Ribs on jointing in radiolarian chert, Peloponessos, Greece
Nearly complete joint face, with full plumose pattern, Tucson Mountains, AZ
Limestone cut by crystal-fiber calcite vein and minute crack-seal veins, northern Appalachians, Vermont
Crack-seal splinter, southern Utah
Chert breccia, Rincon Mountains, AZ
Deformation bands, Hillsdale Canyon, Utah
Deformation bands, Hillsdale Canyon, Utah
Faulted Navajo Sandstone with polish and slickenlines, Circle Cliffs uplift, Utah
Pencil structure in red siltstone, Red Hills, Tucson Mountains, Arizona
Liesegang banding in jointed, deformation-banded sandstone, Sheets Gulch, Circle Cliffs uplift, Utah.
Faulted layer of radiolarian chert
Ideal joint face in radiolarian chert
Array of deformation bands, East Kaibab monocline, Utah
Deformation band shear zone, East Kaibab monocline, Utah
Polished and slickenlined fault surface, Hurricane fault zone, Utah
Crystal-fiber gypsum vein, Rincon Mountains, Tucson, Arizona
Quartz vein with crystal fiber lineation in sandstone, Tucson Mountains, Arizona
Calcite crystal fiber vein in limestone, Monument Uplift, Utah
Cobble of conglomerate cut by a fault, and healed by a quartz vein, Rillito River, Tucson, Arizona
Faulted chert nodule, Rincon Mountains, near Tucson, Arizona
Faulted pebble from conglomerate, Scottish Highlands
Pebble from conglomerate faulted into form of a tiny graben, Scottish Highlands
Faulted, slickenlined petroliferous limestone, Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia
Faulted limestone